Monday, July 16, 2007

Mother Earth: “What have you become?”

Mother Earth: “What have you become?”
Stainless steel & brass

I'm pleased to announce that this evening Rabi was awarded First Place in the Small Sculpture Category at the 7th Annual American Iron Metal Sculpture Competition, which is part of the 2007 Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration.

This piece is about global warming, wars and people not taking care of the earth. Mother Earth’s spirit contemplated herself and she saw that she was wounded everywhere. She started crying and asked “What have you become?”

As part of the competition, all artists have 1 hour to select their materials from the grounds of American Iron. This year, American Iron employee Kevin C was Rabi's guide during the retrieval day. Since the artists are not allowed to climb on the materials, Kevin climbed on top of a pile and found the metal globe. Once Rabi saw the globe, he had an image in his head as to the piece he was going to make. Since the Aquatennial celebrates water in Minneapolis, Rabi thought about the enviroment and global warming.

Kevin & Rabi at retrieval day with the piece that started it all.

Rabi & Kevin at the artist reception with the winning sculpture.

The sculpture will be on public display Tuesday and Wednesday, July 17th and 18th, on Nicollet Mall in front of the IDS Crystal Court (717 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis). All entries will eventually be posted on the American Iron site.

Please stop by the IDS Crystal Court from 10:30am-6pm if you get a chance. Otherwise, visit our Flickr site for photos of the piece and its creation.

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