Saturday, March 29, 2008

Artist Statement

My art is contemporary African art inspired by my country, Burkina Faso, and Africa in general. Through my art, I want to share the rich and impressive history and culture of West Africa.

The shapes of my sculptures, furniture and decorative objects are inspired by words, stories, fables and situations that come into my mind, and my culture. By the magic of bending, grinding and welding, I try to give these inspirations a form, an expression and a touch of life so when I get lost in a deep contemplation, I feel like they are living.

• • •

Je fais un art contemporain Africain qui m’est inspire par mon pays le BURKINA FASO et par l’Afrique en général. A traves mes œuvres, je voudrais partager les riches et impressionnantes histoires et la culture de l’Afrique de l’ouest.

Les lignes et formes des mes pièces me sont inspirées par ma culture, des mots, des histoires et fables qui me viennent a l’esprit. Par la magie du pliage, du meulage et du soudage, j’essaie de leur donner une forme, une expression et une touche de vie pour que quant je me perds dans un profonde regard, que je les sente vivre.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Re-Purpose Art Show

Re-Purpose means: re-think, re-use, re-build, re-vive. We aim to answer the questions of “Where does it come from?” and “Where does it go?” All artwork participating in the show contains 75% or more re-used materials.

AZ Gallery
Northern Warehouse Building
308 Prince St #130
St Paul , MN 55101

Opening Reception
April 4, 2008

Exhibition Open
April 4 – 20, 2008

Gallery Hours
Fridays: 5-8pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 10am-2pm

Found objects
9.5 x 3.5 x 4.5

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Contributions: African Risk and Responsibility in Minnesota

Contributions: African Risk and Responsibility in Minnesota

Obsidian Arts
734 E Lake Street # 220
Minneapolis, MN 55407

March 1st-May 31st, 2008

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 1

Participating Artists
Aziz Osman, Koffi Mbairamadji, Rabi Sanfo, Blandine Wolesse, Benjamin Kofi, and Constant Kpami

Community Discussion
"The State of Africans in Minnesota"
Saturday, May 17

Film Series
Thursdays at 7pm

March 13
"Le Mediateur"

March 20
"Bruly Bouabre's Alphabet"

March 27
"Photo Souvenir"