Thursday, January 31, 2008

900 Burkinabe Girls Thank You!

It looks like we pulled it off!! After multiple emails campaigns, Facebook posts and widgets on blogs, Friends of Burkina Faso has earned a spot in the top 4 in "America's Giving Challenge." And what a ride it's been this last week.

By 3pm EST today, the "Lambs for School" project had 1,635 donations in total, equalling $41,400. More importantly, a top 4 position guarantees the project an additional $50,000, which means this project is funded for the next 3 years! The results are not yet "official" but it's looking pretty good for FBF.

Check out the NY Times article about the Challenge. The project coordinator, Suzanne, is quoted in the article. To read a project update from 2007, check out page 10 of the Burkina Connection (which I am the editor of by the way).

Thank you very much! Barka wusugo! Merci beaucoup!

P.S. I personally think the Case Foundation should give the top 5 $50,000 since the competition was fierce. But that's just my 2 cents.


scottbeale50 said...

Congrats! What an exciting contest.

Scott Beale
Founder, Atlas Corps

Yarbi Design said...

Thanks Scott. And congrats to you too! What a nail biter :)