Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bienvenue! Welcome! Kend Kende!

Welcome to our new blog. We've been talking about needing a website recently and thought this was a good alternative for the time being. Hopefully, folks will learn a bit more about African art, fair trade and la vie in Burkina Faso in general. Bienvenue.

Rabi participated in the 6th Annual
Art of Recycling Metal Sculpture Art Contest a few weeks back for the Aquatennial. He made the "Rain Mask." He won the Honorable Mention and the Scappy Award, which is the American Iron employee's choice award.
43" x 36" x 87"

Here's the poem to go with it:

Rain Mask

When the soil dries
When the granaries are empty
When the air is hot
Under the rhythm of the drums
The masks dance and beseech nature
To sympathize with their pain
And to cry a tear

Quand le sol se dessèche
Quand les greniers se vident’
Quand l’air se chauffe
Sous le rythme des tam-tams
Les masques dansent et implorent la nature
De compatir à leur douleur
Et de verser une larme

We met fellow sculputor Jeff at that event. He's the one that suggested we try a blog. Check out his new blog as well. Thanks Jeff!

Hope you enjoy. Please give us constructive criticisms on any pieces posted.

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