Sunday, August 06, 2006

Invitational Award

The Powderhorn Art Fair is now closed and I'd say it was pretty successful. We participated in the Community Showcase and won the Invitational Award. This art fair is a juried show (applicants submit photos of their work and an art jury choses those artisans that they want in the show) so winning the award means that next year, we automatically have a space for the Community Showcase and don't have to apply again. There were 24 other artisans in the Community Showcase this year.

Lots of people came by and we met some neat fellow artisans. The public bus offered free service between the 3 major art fairs happening in Minneapolis this weekend so I'm sure thousands of people showed up. And the weather was pretty decent too.

We finally sold the Face Chair. Loads of people liked it, but nobody ever bought it...until today.

And our inventory of candleholders is now depleted. Nice!

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