Friday, November 10, 2006

Friends of Burkina Faso

Stop what you are doing and make a small donation to a Friends of Burkina Faso project!

Earlier this year, Friends of Burkina Faso entered into a National Peace Corps Association-supported partnership with
GlobalGiving, an online project clearinghouse. The idea was that by putting one of the projects on GG's website, it could attract more donors than FBF can normally get through their limited membership sphere (I am a member myself).

Given that FBF is one of the first three NPCA affiliates to partner with GlobalGiving, GG just informed FBF leadership yesterday that if they can attract at least 100 on-line donations ($10 minimum) for their project by December 15, 2006, GG will put $5000 towards their "
Noon Meal Girl’s Education project.”

The noon meal project is a supplementary project to an earlier one that FBF has been supporting for a few years which provides young girls' families with school supplies and a lamb for the first year of schooling which is then sold the following year to purchase more supplies and a new lamb for the same purpose year-after-year.

To make your donation by 12.15.06 to an innovative FBF community-initiated project in Burkina, please visit the following link:

Read more about this campaign at Tony Gambion’s blog or at the NPCA’s website.

Merci en avance!


Anonymous said...

Hi - just a quick note to say how pleased we are to be partnering with Friends of Burkina Faso, NPCA, and returned Peace Corps members around the world. I have worked with many returned PCVs in many countries, and I am convinced that they represent a HUGE untapped resource for development. If this pilot goes well, we would love to expand the RPCV dimension of GlobalGiving substantially.

Good luck!

Best, Dennis Whittle
co-founder, GlobalGiving

Yarbi Design said...

Hi Dennis,
Talking to the VP of FBF, I know she is very excited to be included in this pilot project.

Is there anyway to monitor within the next few weeks our progress to the goal of 100 donations?