Monday, November 20, 2006

Update on GlobalGiving Campaign

Here's an update on the GlobalGiving Campaign from Tom Vollrath (Friends of Burkina Faso Project Committee Chair):

Last Friday afternoon, I called GlobalGiving (GG) to get an update on the extraordinary opportunity for the NEEED/FBF project to be awarded $5,000 from an anonymous donor. The good news is that we are little over half way towards qualifying for this award by having 100 donors contribute to this project by December 15th. To date, 54 FBF friends have made contributions! The not-so-good news is that the rate at which donations have been made coming in fell rapidly this past week, with only 2 contributions being received last Tuesday and Wednesday and 1 contribution received on Thursday and on Friday. This is not a good sign. I am concerned that we might not reach our goal. And reaching this goal is important, not only for the girls at school but also for the NPCA, the RPCV community, and, I believe, the Peace Corps. See,

Given the state of affairs, I'd like to ask that those of you, who have not yet made a gift to our project on the GG website, consider making a small donation NOW-- before it slips the mind and before it is too late. I, for one, am going to following Jon Berger's advice. Jon promised to approach his wife and kids about making a donation. This next week, my children are coming home from Thanksgiving. I can't think of a better time to ask them to give a-little-something. And I’ve just gotten a pledge from my wife who promises to make a small donation to the GG project. Spread the good news about this exciting opportunity among close friends and family.

Please donate $10 today!


Tony said...

This is very exciting. You can read more about this great initiative and why it is so important on my blog:

Yarbi Design said...

Thanks Tony. I have a link to your blog on the original post at

Yarbi Design said...

10 days left to the 12.15.06 deadline and total funding to date is $11,215. I think it's safe to say that the project has met its goal of 100 on-line donations. In fact, on 11.29.06 John H of GG confirmed that FBF had 97 transactions towards the contest.

What will be done with the extra money, since the total project need is $13,000? I'll have to do more investigating.

Elissa Ann said...

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Elissa Goldenberg