Saturday, December 22, 2007

America’s Giving Challenge and the Lambs Project

Notice something new on our blog? Yes, we're seeking funds to support education for 900 girls in Burkina Faso!

Friends of Burkina Faso has an amazing opportunity for the “Lambs for School” project. GlobalGiving, in partnership with PARADE Magazine and the Case Foundation, has launched the “America’s Giving Challenge” to encourage people to give to charities through new and innovative online tools.

The 4 individuals whose international charities attract the most unique donors through this Challenge will receive $50,000 for their causes! The total funding goal for the multi-year “Lambs for School” project through GG is $72,200. The total funding received to date is $1,256. To succeed at the Challenge, the objective is to get as many people to donate to the “Lambs for School” project. The minimum donation is $10, and duplicate donations from the same individual will only be counted once.

Please donate $10 to the “Lambs for School” project now! Between now and January 31st, 2008, any donation to this project received through
the website will help young Burkinabé girls obtain a primary and middle school education.

The impact of winning the Challenge is clear. To date, through the “Lambs for School” project, FBF has supported 1,100 girls enrolled in rural public primary schools and in the College Modern de l’Amitié (a middle school for girls). Over the next 3 years, the project will enable 900 rural girls whose parents cannot afford to send them to school, to enter primary school. At least 80% of the 900 girls will achieve at least 10 years of education, leading to improved child health, lower fertility rates, higher levels of education in the next generation and more effective participation in civil society and the economy

So what can you do to help win the Challenge and meet the project’s goals?
Donate $10
online today
Forward this message to your friends and family, or other appropriate listservs to which you belong
Download the “Lambs for School”
project widget and upload this to your website or blog
Add the “Lambs for School”
project widget to your Facebook or iGoogle account

FBF has won two other smaller competitions through GG. One was in late 2006 and was offered to
National Peace Corps Association affiliate groups and the other was the GG FilmFest. Both were for the Noon Meal Girl’s Education project.

Again, donations must be made
online by January 31, 2008 in order to count towards the goal of unique donors. Note that donations made through any other website will not count. Also, please do not create your own fundraiser for this project as the goal is to attract the most unique donors for one project through one fundraiser.

I hope you and others will join in this exciting opportunity, making FBF once again a winner of a GG challenge!

Barka wusugo! Merci beaucoup! Thank you!

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