Monday, March 23, 2009

Spiritual Art Show 2009

Stop by the Kolbe Center to view this year's Spiritual Art Show. The Northeast Minneapolis Juried Spiritual Art Show started 9 years ago, and has grown to where over 1,000 visitors attend its five day run. In 2008 those visitors saw over 70 unique works of art. Rabi tied for 1st place in 2007 and is excited to participate again this year.

On Thursday, April 2, there will be the Spiritual Art Festival with music by
Singleton Street Bluegrass Band at 7-8:30pm.

Kolbe Center
Pope John Paul II School
1630 4th St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

March 29-April 3

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Nick and Rosie Heille said...

April 14, 2009

NE Northeast Minneapolis 2009 Spiritual Art Show gives one pause

Full details about Spiritual Art Show available at:

Minneapolis: More than 1,300 people saw 57 art works at the 2009 Juried Spiritual Art Show made of ordinary materials like wood, fabric, and paper/pencil. The artists’ attention to detail created spiritual art that gives one pause.

"Contemporary American spiritual art is honest, simple, and thoughtful. It is created with a clear eyed sense of reverence. Without airs or pretense. It is the strength of the gift of simplicity that makes us free." is way Nicholas Heille, co- producer of the 2009 Juried Spiritual Art Show and Festival, spoke of this year’s event.

The 9th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Show and Festival were guests of Pope John Paul II Grade School. Students were able to interact with the art while the event took place the. Students of Pope John Paul II Grade School submitted an additional 21 original works. The artists recognized the students' works by selection of the best students' work shown. The children also selected the best artists' work as well.

"Artists are a dime a dozen. Art event organizers are very special. The Spiritual Art Show and Festival is a rare commodity." is way local artist Douglas "Dougie" Padilla described the event.

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Contact information:
Producers Spiritual Art Show
Nicholas P and Rosemary J Heille
NE Mpls Artists Concierge Service
3460 Garfield St NE
Mpls, MN 55418